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Everyone loves french fries. Except for me maybe, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with them. It was only until about a week ago whilst eating with my friends at Mcdonald’s that I realised why. It was during the afternoon and I had eaten lunch just less than an hour ago so I wasn’t very hungry. I ended up only ordering an ice cream, whilst one of my friends, lets call him Mark, ordered a meal. When he was opening the ketchup, being the asshole friend that I am, stole one of his french fries and popped it into my mouth before he stopped me. Being a fast food chain, the succulent potato melted into my mouth and before I knew it, I was hooked to its addicting taste. Everybody knows that once you start eating a single fry, you have to have more right? But he was very protective of his fries and it seemed like the more protective he was of them, the more I wanted it. When we were both arguing about how great of a friend each other was (I was obviously doing this just to squeeze out another fry from him), my other friend, lets call him Sam, gave his share of fries to me in order to shut both of us up. I was overjoyed by the fact that I had just received a free load of fries, but as soon as I started eating the fries, the voluptuous taste of fries derived from the fry I stole vanished. The fries instead just tasted of oily, mushy potato (okay fine I exaggerated there but the fries definitely didn’t taste as good as before). At first I thought it was just Sam’s batch of fries that tasted inferior, but when I ate another one of Mark’s fries, the delicious glamour it once had was gone like magic too. This was when I had an epiphany. The sudden vanish in pleasure of eating the fries was not to do with the change in taste. It was solely because after I had free access to fries, it no longer tasted as good as it should have.

Or maybe I’m just weird.