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Being born in an Asian family, my parents had high expectations of me. Except, maybe sugar coated with ‘western’ teachings. To get good grades was a given and if I didn’t, tutoring was where they would send me. Now don’t get me wrong, unlike typical Asian parents they didn’t directly force me to get good grades, but obviously told me I had to try my best, and if I didn’t get all A’s, they would think that I hadn’t tried hard enough, and then tell me to try harder (and if I still didn’t that was when their true Asian expectations kicked in) (which basically means that nothing was different). They also told me that I could be anything I wanted. Turns out, although they never explicitly stated it, they pretty much brought me up with the choice between jobs to do with law, medicine, politics, architecture or accountant as my profession. Now you may ask, how does this relate to religion and true success? It does. I’ve always wondered, what is the point of doing all these things anyways when you die eventually? I don’t know. Me being in my ripe teenage years, I really do not want to waste away the rest of my life doing the same thing everyday without really finding any meaning or joy in them. Well of course, doctors save lives, and being the president of the united states will have a huge impact on other people’s lives, but on the day I die, I am almost certain that all of it will be meaningless to me.

So this is where religion comes in. Religion will replace this “meaningless” with the promise of achievement and reward. That is why I go to church, to learn more about this. Religion brings meaning to people’s lives, that is why even if there is only faith to back it up, millions still believe. It is a powerful motive, and also a powerful reason to live. I know some atheists will completely disagree with me, and also think those who believe in religion are weak, but as long as it brings believers meaning to their life, by making them believe that they are living a successful life, it is a great thing. Whether or not I embrace religion in my life will be decided naturally as the years go by, but for now… I’ll need to focus on my school exams, ha.